Our Story

Since 2014, We Have Been Helping People To Improve Their Credit Scores, Giving Them A Second Chance At A Better Financial Future.

Outstanding Customer Service

Most tradeline credit repair companies try to make a quick buck, are barely reachable and don't care about you as an individual. 
We actually answer the phone before, during and most importantly after the sale to explain the process to you,
resolve your natural concerns and help you learn about the confusing credit score system.

5+ years of experience

Boost Your Credit Score is the pioneer of the tradeline industry. We are the oldest tradeline company in business. 
We know the bank and credit score system inside out and you will gain from our experience of working with thousands of customers over the years.
Our history proves that we are doing something right and that our methods work.

Highly trained professionals

You can always contact us for a free and no strings attached consultation. 
We invest heavily in hiring, training, and retaining the best people to become tradeline experts. 
They will take the time to learn and understand your situation, make sure that our tradelines are a good fit for you and your financial situation, and offer you the best solution available to meet your needs; even if that means recommending you do not buy tradelines.

Complete Transparency

We come from a position of total transparency. While other companies are intentionally misleading by pretending they are not a credit repair company as defined by the Federal Trade Commission, trying to trick you to get your contact information for their marketing lists, or simply hiding their tradelines for sale on their website, we never hide anything from you and are honest about the whole process, from start to finish. That's why you can always View Our Tradelines, even if that might be a competitive disadvantage for us. It's also why you can call, email, text, or even Facebook message us any time of the day and we will respond without delay!

100% Secure

We have invested heavily in building a secure and up to date web application so you are taken care of at every step of the process. We use state of the art 256-Bit SSl encryption on all our pages and make sure that your personal details are safe with us. We also go to great lengths to vet every single one of our Card Holders and Authorized Users, to weed out the fraudsters and identity thieves.